About Us

Hyper Entertainment Plc began life as Sony Development, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America, in 1997 with the purpose of creating leisure, retail and mixed-use opportunities utilizing Sony’s motion picture, music, cinema and consumer electronics groups. Three major international projects were realized: Metreon in San Francisco, Mediage in Tokyo and The Musik Box in Sony Centre Berlin.

In 2000 Sony Development was bought-out by the management group that still runs the company today, and became Hyper Entertainment Inc, with Sony Corporation retaining a minority interest. The company moved its headquarters to London in 2005 and became a Plc.

Since that time, Hyper Entertainment has consulted to, or acted as an Owner’s representative, on numerous projects through out the world. Our clients range from national museums, to music and entertainment companies, to shopping malls, to visitor attractions, both large and small. Many of our clients are developers of large mixed-use projects, both for existing buildings such as the Battersea Power Station and new developments such as the Ferrari World Theme Park in Abu Dhabi. Some of our clients are start-ups with unusual ideas and grand visions.


What unites all of our clients is the need for strategic business planning, and innovative solutions to enable them to realize their visions. Hyper becomes part of their teams and together we explore ways to enhance existing revenue streams and develop new avenues for their businesses. Hyper works closely with our clients to determine the viability of new projects and create appropriate new opportunities for existing locations and businesses, be that through licensing agreements, merchandising and retail, sponsorship and marketing partnerships, new entertainment ideas and designs, or building re-development.

At the heart of our clients businesses is the relationship between their business and their individual customers. The team at Hyper know that there are no standard solutions when it comes to creating compelling leisure experiences, and each business comes equipped with different circumstances and a wide variety of needs. Out of an infinite number of options and solutions for any given business Hyper determines and delivers those which are agreed and most appropriate.

In mid-2009, Hyper Entertainment created the Hyper Entertainment Charitable Fund into which 10% of its fees are contributed and then distributed to various charitable organisations twice a year. We are very excited that Hyper will be giving back to its community and would welcome the opportunity to support charities that are special to our clients as well.