Our Services

  • Strategic Business Planning

    Business strategies, financial models, business development plans – Hyper can help determine whether a new project is sound, or whether an existing location could benefit from improvements or changes to current business plans.

  • Operational Planning

    How should a site be operated, how can a current location streamline its operations or improve guest services? How many employees will we need, how and when will they be hired and how will training be implemented? Hyper can develop plans covering all of these issues.

  • Retail, Leisure, Food & Beverage Programming

    Hyper will determine the right mix and balance of elements for your location– the right number, the right size and the right types of retail, dining and entertainment experiences to ensure the success of your project.

  • Economic Viability and Market Analysis

    Hyper understands market trends and will perform a feasibility analysis to ensure the greatest opportunities for success.

  • Marketing Strategies and Brand Development

    Hyper will look at creative ways to enhance an existing brand into new arenas, and provide new marketing initiatives to increase awareness and growth for your business.

  • Sponsorship/Strategic Alliance Strategies and Implementation

    Hyper will develop sponsors and commercial partners that match the needs and the aspirations of any given location or project. Sponsorships and strategic alliances are not just about the cash, they are also about the long term, mutually beneficial relationship between organizations.

  • Event Strategies, Planning & Execution

    Creative event planning can elevate an existing location to new heights, and add allure to new locations.

  • Licensing and Media Rights Management

    Brand identity, logo usage, media rights and management of all of these elements are critical to the success of any business today. Hyper has the experience to create and implement a variety of Rights plans for your organization.